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Refined Sunflower Oil from our Community

Our farming community offers linoleic sunflower seeds. These seeds are pressed, refined, winterized, and deodorized.

The oil produced in this way is offered to you at an unequaled quality, with

laboratory tests certifying the quality of the oil.

- Private label possible.

- We deliver in DDP in the European Union via our trading in Poland.

- We a registered for recycling logo Triman and GS1 for the barcode: the oil can be sold in hypermarkets.

You don't have to worry about anything. Receive a product of excellent quality, guaranteed by all the laboratory tests, at the best price conditions.

The video of the bottle line can be seen here.

We also provide flexitank, or IBCs. Please contact us before the price increase during the season... And secure the best deal right now!

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