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Rethinking walnut production in France due to climate change.

Due to climate change, it could be possible to grow pecans instead of walnut, in France. “It was clearly demonstrated that pecans are emerging in France as a new crop that could provide diversification for farms. Trials are underway, and several varieties are being evaluated to provide information to growers wishing to switch to this crop, which is more heat-tolerant than the walnut. It really is another interesting outlet, because pecans are grown in the same way as walnuts. Pecan growers do not have to make a major investment to start growing them, since they behave in the same way as walnuts. This easy adaptation, coupled with an attractive market due to the fact that the domestic supply is still too low in the face of the ever-increasing demand, makes it an attractive option for French producers.”

This diversification is well worth considering in a context where the French walnut industry is going through a difficult period. “This year has been particularly complicated for the French walnut industry. Foreign competition is increasingly strong, making trade very difficult. This situation was even more marked this year for growers, who are still struggling to come to terms with the campaign. But the sector will gradually restructure, mobilize and find solutions. Producers will bounce back, and when they do, our research teams will be at their side to help them rethink walnut production in France.”

Source : Fabrice Lheureux

Will pecan trees replace walnut trees in France? Photo crédit. Olivier Parent.
ill pecan trees replace walnut trees in France? Photo crédit. Olivier Parent.

CTIFL – Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes

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