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Ukraine sharply increased exports of fruits, berries and nuts to UK

As most EU countries reduced the supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts post-Brexit, there was a positive effect on the export of fruits, berries and nuts from Ukraine to the UK. In the first 10 months of 2021, the volume of Ukraine’s export earnings from the supply of fruits to the UK grew 2.4 times and reached a record $4.9 million. Exports of frozen raspberries increased sharply, although they were not the main item of Ukrainian exports to the country. Walnut kernels remained the leader in terms of revenue, accounting for about 63% of all export earnings in the period under review. The revenue of Ukrainian exporters of walnut kernels to the UK in January-October 2021 increased 3.3 times compared to 2020, and the volume of supplies – 3.7 times to 590 tons.

Fresh blueberries came second in terms of revenue, bringing Ukrainian exporters 65% more money. By the way, the volume of supplies of fresh blueberries also increased by 65%, which indicates the stability of their price. In total, 217 tons of Ukrainian blueberries were delivered to the UK. Frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries and strawberries) and fresh watermelon were supplied in smaller volumes.

Ukrainian walnut kernels and berries for an English breakfast!
Ukrainian walnut kernels and berries for an English breakfast!
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